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Injection molding machine

Multipower SP

Injection molding machine

Multipower SP

From 50 to 500 tonnes, Multipower SP is the new line of MPW range, where technology meets energy saving.


The hydraulic movements with servo pump assure reliability during time and the innovative servo pump system works greatly to reduce energy consumption.


Suitable to different printing situations, Multipower SP is the ideal solution to combine high performances and low prices. 

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Servo-pump injection molding machine for thermoplastics

The hydraulic system is based on the use of a servo pump designed with the aim of promoting significant energy savings (Hybrid Energy Saving). The hydraulic system of this machine is extremely simple and reduced to essential thus ensuring high reliability in time and easy maintenance. A servo motor drives a high performance gear pump. The whole system is controlled by a drive (inverter) with a dedicated software that allows a rotation speed of the motor from 0 to 3000 revolutions / minute with an extremely high acceleration gradient.


The system can also read the output pressure generated and control the motor so as to maintain the pressure exactly at the set value. This combination of P / Q control and the exceptional high dynamics of the motor generates the power necessary to the real performance of the machine without introducing the well-known pressure losses of the traditional hydraulic systems. This technology allows measurable energy savings between 30% and 60% and, most important, the limited quantity of oil in the hydraulic line is not subject to overheating.


The cooling system, of reduced dimensions, is activated only when necessary.


Not least, the noise of the system remains below 60 db. 

Advantages of Multipower SP

Maximum system reliability

Injection by rotary piston

5 point toggle clamping system

Innovative Hybrid Energy Saving technology

Cost reduction

The five movements


The injection movement is based on a rotary piston, hydraulically balanced without thrust bearings. This is the most complex movement of the machine and determines the quality of the final product. The axis control, entrusted to a servo valve (Moog) in close loop control of speed, pressure and back-pressure, ensures the optimization of all the conditions required even in the most sophisticated moulding processes.


The injection movement is performed by two hydraulic cylinders which allow the unit to maintain its position thus reducing energy consumption to virtually zero. Once the system has been loaded, a non-return valve prevents the emptying of the cylinders.


The central ejection is actuated by a hydraulic drive, allowing a considerable ejection force and long strokes as well as high flexibility when hooking-up the ejection rods of the mould.


The mechanical structure of the clamping unit is characterized by a 5-point double toggle with steel links and special bronze bushings and a multiple point lubrication system with programmable cycles and safety devices. The opening/closing movement is actuated by a hydraulic piston that ensures reliability of the system. The movable platen is supported by adjustable sliding blocks that ensure complete safety of the mould.Il movimento di chiusura e apertura del gruppo stampi è regolato da un pistone idraulico che garantisce affidabilità del sistema. Il piano mobile è supportato anche da pattini di scorrimento regolabili per garantire la salvaguardia dello stampo. 


The rotation movement of the screw is operated by hydraulic motor directly connected. The high torque that characterizes these motors allows the plasticization of all the technical and “hard” thermoplastic materials. The servo pump, at this stage, generates the flow rate and the ideal pressure for the screw rotation thus allowing considerable energy saving.La servopompa genera in questa fase la portata e la pressione ideale per la rotazione della vite di plastificazione consentendo un notevole risparmio energetico.


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