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Our vision

Reliability, high quality, technology

High quality, reliability and technology are the keywords that distinguish Plastic Metal injection molding machines all the time. The same characteristics have marked the evolution of the company over the years.

Plastic Metal produces several standard ranges of injection molding machines, but is also able to easily customize machines for unique production requirements. In this manner, NPM is able to provide its customers with the exact machine appropriate for each customers specific production requirement, and is able to track each and every machine produced from the time a project is conceived to the time the machine is delivered and operational.

Plastic Metal machines have an extremely strong frame and are assembled with highest quality components, whose technical features exceed ordinary industrial standards requirements. Every machine is controlled by a sophisticated computer system, which while being technical enough to provide the most detailed quality control and operational data, is also designed to be extremely user friendly.

The company’s design and manufacturing operations are fully computerized and utilize the latest CAD/CAM technology. Plastic Metal is not a machine assembler, its factory personnel fabricate all mechanical components using only the highest quality vacuum forged steel in the company’s modern machine shop. There, the latest in CNC, drilling, lathe, grinding, and polishing machinery produce all parts requirements, to exacting specifications. Components such as pumps, motors, servo-valves and computers, which can not be manufactured by Plastic Metal are purchased only from well-known and highly-regarded suppliers. In this manner, the integrity of Plastic Metal exceptionally high quality is maintained, and the availability of replacement parts is assured worldwide.

Through its continued innovation, exacting manufacturing techniques, highest quality components, pre-shipping test procedures, and on-site preventative maintenance and technical service programs, Plastic Metal is poised to meet the challenges and lead the thermoplastic industry of the 21st century.

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