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Plastic Metal, an ever-changing story

Injection molding machines manufacturer

With over fifty years of experience, Plastic Metal Spa is the protagonist of a continuous innovation and technological growth, thus becoming a leader company in the production of injection molding machines for thermoplastics.


Thanks to a solid and a high-tech know-how, thanks to a punctual and an accurate assistance service the company is specialized in providing flexible solutions, strictly oriented to meet its customers’ specific production requirements. Attention to detail is one of the basic prerogatives of the company.


Through its sales and assistance service network, Plastic Metal Spa is present in the domestic territory as well as in main foreign countries, from Europe to United States, from Latin America to Middle East, creating an intercultural exchange of knowledge.


These are the features of our success.

Get to know us, it will be yours too. 

Our philosophy

Reliability, high-quality, technology

Plastic Metal stands out for the high quality, reliability, and technology of its injection moulding machines. The steady mechanical structure and the use of high-quality components exceed the industry standards in the field of machines for plastics manufacturing. Sophisticated control system guarantees a precise processes management and an intuitive user interface.


The planning and production take place in-house, using the latest software technologies, while the components are selected from reliable suppliers.


Plastic Metal is constantly engaged in the research and development of innovative solutions, offering a quick customer service, and guaranteeing the highest productive quality. The company has become a point of reference in the plastics sector, thanks to its leadership and its commitment in the third millennium. 

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